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axept® Checkout is our hosted payment page that is easily and quickly integrated with most shopping cart solutions. It offers a simple and affordable way to take payments online whilst offering the highest levels of payment security and access to a wide range of features. These include the use of tokens that make subsequent or recurring transactions customer friendly and simplify back-office processes.

Hosted payment pages dramatically reduce a merchant’s PCI DSS compliance burden by processing payments without storing card details on their systems. axept® Checkout integrates seamlessly as an extension to your existing website and/or mobile application.

It is fully customisable to fit in with your own branding and provides a seamless customer experience to avoid customers feeling like they are being redirected to an external payment site. axept® Checkout also enables you to offer a wide variety of payment methods and security features that you can flex to match your requirements.

  • Easy to implement - no sophisticated development skills required to get up and running
  • Reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance - All payment processing is handled by Optomany’s Level 1 approved axept® Platform, so you and your customers can be confident that their payment details are safe
  • A fantastic customer experience
    • customisable features to fit with your own branding and look and feel
    • mobile optimized so that your payment page dynamically responds to smaller screens, improving customer experience and maximising conversion rates
    • identify customer data entry errors and prompt correction to minimise user drop-out rates and increase sales
  • Enables one-click payments - through the use of tokens, avoiding the need for returning customers to re-enter their card and shipping details
  • Simplified monitoring and reporting - A single real-time perspective on all of your payments through the Optomany Control Centre, saving you time and money
  • Fully accessible: Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and web accessibility compliant
  • A wide range of payment types - supports all major card types and PayPal
  • Payer Authentication - Verified by VISA, Mastercard SecureCode & American Express SafeKey
  • Pre-accredited with multiple acquirers - enabling you to accept payments quickly and switch acquirers with ease
  • Pennies – enable the digital donation tin on your website and raise money for great causes at no additional cost
  • Tokenisation - every time a transaction is processed the response will include a Token ID. This Token can be stored in the merchant’s system and used at a later date to process subsequent sales or refunds without having to ask for the cardholder’s details again
  • Additional security protection - axept® Checkout requires that a merchant’s transaction requests are securely signed allowing Optomany to verify the request has come from the merchant rather than another insecure source (e.g. man in the middle attack). Optomany’s responses are also signed to validate the message really comes from us
  • Optomany’s integration approach puts the merchant in control of the payment process
  • The message sent to start a transaction contains a number of variables which allows the merchant to dynamically (on a per transaction basis) decide which:
    • payment methods to offer -e.g. card and/or PayPal and in what order of preference
    • processing scenarios they wish to accept and which they wish to be declined – e.g. the results of the Payer Authentication, Address Verification (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC) processes
  • The provision of these integrated options removes the requirement for a separate system where static rules need to be configured prior allowing merchants to react quickly if changes are required