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The axept® S300 pin pad provides the very latest in integrated card payment technology. Pre-certified by all major UK acquirers, the axept® S300 solution can be deployed easily and cost-effectively.

The axept® S300 Pin Pad offers exceptional performance and an intuitive user interface to create a pain free checkout experience for customers. Integration to your point of sale system is achieved simply and quickly using Optomany’s powerful integration API and the pin pad can be connected via serial, USB or RJ45 (IP).

The solution also leads the way on data security being the first solution globally to achieve P2PE version 2 solution approval providing peace of mind to you and your customers and also significantly reducing your PCI compliance overheads.

Providing access to the speed and many unique features of the axept® Platform, the axept® S300 solution is rapidly becoming the choice for merchants seeking to optimise their point of sale systems.

  • Pre-accredited with all major acquirers - enabling you to accept payments quickly and switch acquirers with ease
  • A wide range of payment methods - accepts all major payment schemes and methods including mobile (e.g. Apple Pay) contactless, Chip & PIN, and magnetic stripe payments
  • Supports all major payment types - including sale, refund, gratuity and card not present (Mail Order / Telephone Order)
  • Enables optimisation of card processing costs - Scheme and/or acquirer based transaction routing available
  • Pennies – enable the digital donation tin and raise money for great causes at no extra charge
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting - A single real-time perspective on all of your payments through the Optomany Control Centre (OCC), saving you time and money
  • Easy to implement - using Optomany’s powerful integration API and its wide range of connectivity options, the axept® S300 can be quickly deployed with virtually any point of sale system
  • A fantastic customer experience
    • Intuitive on-screen customer interface
    • Devices and screens can be customized to fit with your own branding and look and feel
    • High speed transaction processing to reduce queuing times
  • Simplified estate management – with a comprehensive suite of estate management and configuration tools through OCC, saving you time and money
  • Reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance - All payment processing is handled by Optomany’s Level 1 approved axept® Platform, so you and your customers can be confident that their payment details are safe
  • Tokenisation – supports Optomany’s consistent multi-channel token functionality transforming your customers’ buying experience and streamlining your business processes
  • PCI PTS v3
  • PCI DSS v3.1 level 1
  • PCI P2PE v2
  • EMV level 1 and level 2
  • Mastercard PayPass
  • Visa PayWave
  • EMV Contactless level 1

Integration - Please contact our implementation team at to discuss the integration options available.