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The axept® S900 payment terminal is a highly innovative portable payment terminal for secure wireless payments. It is ideal for merchants both on the move or in hospitality and retail environments where a fixed point of sale is just too limiting.

The axept® S900 offers merchants the highest levels of transaction security and speed, whilst offering customers the flexibility to pay using all major card schemes via mobile, contactless and Chip & PIN.

Capable of being configured to use Wi-Fi, GPRS or a combination of the two and with a multi-network roaming SIM as standard, it provides the ultimate in mobility and ease of use.

Highlighting its adaptability, the axept® S900 can be used in standalone, semi-integrated and fully integrated configurations with Optomany’s powerful integration API enabling quick and easy integration to your point of sale or hospitality system.

  • Pre-accredited with all major acquirers - enabling you to accept payments quickly and switch acquirers with ease
  • A wide range of payment methods - accepts all major payment schemes and methods including mobile (e.g. Apple Pay) contactless, Chip & PIN, and magnetic stripe payments
  • Supports all major payment types - including sale, refund, gratuity and card not present (Mail Order / Telephone Order)
  • Mobile and Wi-Fi network roaming – Configurable options to maximise connectivity on the move or in store
  • Enables optimisation of card processing costs - Scheme and/or acquirer based transaction routing available
  • Pennies – enable the digital donation tin and raise money for great causes at no extra cost
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting - A single real-time perspective on all of your payments through the Optomany Control Centre (OCC), saving you time and money
  • Maximum flexibility – a single solution that can be used in standalone, semi-integrated or fully integrated modes, simplifying staff training and the customer experience
  • Maximum up time – a long-life battery and connection options for both GPRS and Wi-Fi ensures you will be able to accept payments in the broadest range of locations at any time
  • A fantastic customer experience
    • Intuitive on-screen customer interface
    • Devices and screens can be customized to fit with your own branding and look and feel
    • High speed transaction processing whether in store or on the move
  • Simplified estate management – with a comprehensive suite of estate management and configuration tools through OCC, saving you time and money
  • Reduces the burden of PCI DSS compliance - all payment processing is handled by Optomany’s Level 1 approved axept® Platform, so you and your customers can be confident that their payment details are safe
  • Tokenisation – supports Optomany’s consistent multi-channel token functionality transforming your customers’ buying experience and streamlining your business processes
  • PCI PTS v3
  • PCI DSS v3.1 level 1
  • PCI P2PE v2
  • EMV level 1 and level 2
  • Mastercard PayPass
  • Visa PayWave
  • EMV Contactless level 1

Integration - Please contact our implementation team at to discuss the integration options available.