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Optomany’s axept® Platform has a modular design, employing the very latest hardware and software components across multiple data centres, delivering market leading service availability and resilience. It is the heart of our innovative, secure and scalable managed payment service providing merchants of all sizes, in all sectors, with a truly independent and flexible solution.

axept® Platform

axept® Platform is the core of all Optomany card payment processing solutions. Developed in-house, the platform is a truly omnichannel service supporting payment processing from a wide array of merchant end-points including retail and unattended terminals, mobile applications, contact centres and on-line.

It has also been developed to be hardware, acquirer, currency and country agnostic offering a consistent interface and operational model that allows customers to adopt a payment solution which can be readily implemented across multiple geographies as well as channels.

The infrastructure makes use of virtualisation and cloud-based technologies enabling an extremely high powered but low footprint physical server infrastructure. This smaller footprint reduces costs enabling Optomany to offer highly competitive commercial terms in a market largely served by older, more expensive legacy systems.

As information security is paramount, the network is segmented into multiple zones, each assigned specific tasks and providing separation between those that do and those that don’t handle sensitive cardholder or merchant data. All non-sensitive transaction records used for real-time reporting and analytics are managed in the cloud with all permitted transaction and associated data being retained indefinitely to facilitate retrieval in the future should it be required.

Currently hosted in two truly independent UK data centres with no reliance on each other or any other system, further locations, or nodes, will be added over time, further increasing the overall resilience of the service as each is deployed.

The axept® Managed Service

The axept® Platform is designed and implemented as a shared, multi-tenant service. All customers share the benefits of the economies of scale, scope and expertise that this approach delivers. Thus avoiding the need to invest individually in the various hardware and software components that it comprises.

A single node of the axept® Platform is capable of processing the collective customer base’s peak processing demand with ease, with real-time cross-site data replication taking place between all locations in the ‘mesh’ to provide the ultimate resilience and integrity.

In the event that any instance of the axept® service experiences technical difficulties, transactions are automatically redirected towards all remaining instances to ensure they are processed in an entirely seamless manner.

Of course people play a key role in differentiating Optomany and the service is delivered by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team from across Europe with extensive payments experience.

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