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Fulham FC is a Championship football club with a history dating back over 130 years. As a business, it was working with Optomany partner Retail & Sports Systems (R&SS) to overhaul its e-commerce and in-store systems. As part of this process, the club’s new head of Retail and Licensing, Sean Davies, was keen to transition from its current payment provider to an omnichannel expert with proven experience of driving retail success for sporting clubs.

As a London club which prides itself on a close relationship with its fans and the local community, Fulham FC was also keen to find a way to cement its corporate social responsibility credentials. R&SS referred Davies to Optomany and digital charity Pennies and the club hasn’t looked back since.

An omnichannel win

Football clubs operate challenging multi-channel retail environments which require robust, fast and secure payment systems. Match days can be particularly challenging, with speed and reliability of the essence: the last thing clubs want is for fans to decide against purchases because the queues are too long. Davies also needed a payments provider which could offer true omnichannel benefits across in-store and e-commerce channels.

Optomany brought with it priceless expertise transforming the fortunes of football clubs including West Ham United, which it helped increase takings to £200,000 in store on peak days and even more online. The Optomany axept® platform works seamlessly across channels to maximise takings, and features a centralised online admin portal which offers detailed management and analytics capabilities to help clients continuously monitor the retail experience. By using advanced tokenisation, Fulham gets a single unified view of each customer which can help Davies and his team track spending on and offline and tailor and optimise their efforts accordingly. The result is bigger profits and happier customers.

The system is fully PCI compliant and offers P2PE v2 to secure card data from the point of interaction, meaning hackers have no chance of getting their hands on it. What’s more, card terminals support all major providers as well as Apple Pay, Android Pay and contactless. It’s all geared up for fast, simple secure payments to keep things moving quickly on match days.

Giving back with Pennies

Optomany partner Pennies was the final piece in the puzzle. Pennies offers an innovative approach to charitable donations. By integrating seamlessly with Optomany online and at the till, it offers customers the option of rounding up their purchase by a few pennies with a simple “Yes” or “No” choice at the point of sale. There’s no pressure put on the shopper and no personal data is collected.

It’s estimated that clubs could generate as much as £25,000 each year per 250,000 card transactions: that’s a significant sum for Fulham FC to invest in local charities, to help build closer bonds with the community.

“It’s a no brainer for us to have Pennies. It was a simple integration and takes care of itself. The customer can make donations at their convenience,” explains Davies. “It’s contactless as well and doesn’t slow down transactions in store at all – which is the key in a sports environment where you get 20-25 match days per season.”

The project ran like clockwork, with the new Fulham FC retail store and online site launched in October and Pennies integration switched on the same day.

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