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At Optomany we’ve been promoting the omnichannel message at every opportunity over the past 12 months.

We really believe it is key to building and sustaining retail success, allowing organisations as diverse as football clubs, supermarkets and pharmacies to finally unify the shopping experience for the end customer whilst offering fantastic new insight for retail managers to help drive profits. Well, it seems that others share our view: the volume of transactions processed by Optomany customers in December soared by 314% year-on-year.

We are confident that the coming year will bring similar success as more and more businesses join us on the omnichannel journey.

The omnichannel difference

We believe that omnichannel is key to retailers being able to meet the heightened expectations of modern, tech-savvy shoppers. More and more these days your consumers will research online and buy in-store, or vice versa — flitting between devices, browsers and accounts as they do so. It’s a complex journey which has put some businesses under tremendous strain. But it also offers some fantastic opportunities.

By employing tokenisation capabilities, for example, a consumer’s card details are substituted with an alphanumeric code. This not only makes transactions more secure, and merchant PCI DSS compliance cheaper and easier, but also provides a single, real-time view of each customer’s spending profile across channels. With this kind of data, retail managers can tailor promotions and marketing and improve the customer experience with features like one-click checkout and seamless cross-channel refunds.

But whilst three-quarters of retailers now consider omnichannel essential to their business,  nearly half say they’re not actively investing.

From theory to practice

This apparent disconnect could be explained by the perception of omnichannel as something only the retail giants have the resources and expertise to achieve. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Take Optomany customer Huddersfield Town FC: we helped to unify all bricks and mortar and online retail payments onto a single platform for the Premier League club last year. The tokenisation capabilities offered by our axept platform gave retail manager Luke Cowan invaluable insight into buying behaviour, while our contactless and Apple/Android Pay-supported terminals have kept things moving quickly on match days. This included for example the fact that Huddersfield Town was serving fans around 30% faster than its previous system could manage, helping the club achieve 25% retail growth.

Optomany axept© is different from most payment platforms on the market because it was designed from the ground-up with omnichannel at its heart — most other solutions are commonly a mish-mash of features from multiple products, welded together.

Over 350,000 points of interaction now connect to the Optomany platform Customers so why not take a look at what they could do for your business this year?

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