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At Optomany everything we do is focused on the needs of our customers. After spending time and money deciding on the payment terminal that’s right for your business, we know that the last thing you need is for that device to be withdrawn because it’s no longer compliant. That’s why Optomany works hard to ensure that all of its card terminals are certified to work not just today, but long into the future.

PTS 3 problems

Payment terminals lie at the heart of most customer-facing businesses, which is why it’s an important purchasing decision to get right. Merchants might consider the look-and-feel of the device, its connectivity options, support for card schemes and payment types and many other specs. But how many consider whether it is future-proofed to be compliant with industry standards?

The PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) standard governs Chip and PIN card terminals and is strongly recommended by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to ensure the highest levels of card data security. But just as hacking techniques and payment technologies are always moving forwards, so standards have to continually evolve to keep up. That’s why devices on version PTS 3, will no longer be compliant from April 2020.

Unfortunately for many merchants, this means their suppliers will be withdrawing support for these devices next spring. This could create significant financial and logistics challenges, especially for businesses with large terminal estates.

Quality that lasts

Fortunately, Optomany customers are protected from such changes because we have a policy of updating our devices to ensure they meet the latest PTS standards, and beyond. We understand the disruption that rip-and-replace changes to card terminals can cause, not just financially but also in staff training, configuration and installation. That’s why we work as far out as possible when it comes to standards compliance.

In this way, our axept® S300 integrated PIN pad is certified to PTS 4, which doesn’t expire until 2023. And we’re already working on PTS 5 devices, such as the A30 and the new A920, which we recently debuted featuring axept® GO at the Liverpool International Music Festival, to great success.

That’s not the only benefit of Optomany card terminals, of course. We also include:

• Next working day swap-out for terminals as standard
• Tokenisation capabilities for added security and so that organisations can support omnichannel retail by gaining a single view of each customer
• Real-time reporting with up to five years of historical data
• Support for Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) v2: a PCI standard that improves card data security through strong encryption, reducing risk and the scope and costs of PCI DSS compliance

Optomany always has one eye on the future: whether that’s in developing support for new payment types like contactless and mobile wallets, or upcoming standards. Our continual development and upgrade strategy ensure customers are never left high and dry with non-compliant terminals. That’s the kind of peace of mind you need to drive success for your business.

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