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Control Centre

The Control Centre from Optomany puts you in the driving seat when it comes to your data. In a world where time is precious and knowledge is power, immediate access to your transactional information can better inform your business planning and put you a step ahead of your competition.

The Optomany Control Centre (OCC) is an online portal providing estate management, transaction reporting and data-analytics tools that work with every product and service in the Optomany portfolio. Accessible 24/7 and built with an easy to manage and intuitive interface, the OCC has been designed to put you in control and save you time. You will gain quick and easy access to functionality such as, software version tracking, billing, configurability of accounts and much more.

Our extensive, ongoing development plan means it is a constantly improving tool, updated frequently to enhance and expand its functionality. We leverage new technological developments and customer feedback to make sure it remains at the cutting edge of transactional data insight.

In-depth Reporting

Reporting on transactions processed is a key requirement for any business and essential to support reconciliation and business planning.

The OCC allows you to view all your transactional data at a summary level or drill down to view more specific information, such as individual transactions or a specific card or payment type, with all reports being available in real-time. Transactional information is also kept indefinitely, meaning no frustrating time limits to the analysis of your data.

You can select from a range of pre-set reports or easily create your own customised versions. These can be viewed and downloaded immediately or delivered to you, and your designated users, at a date and time to suit your business needs. The generated reports can be downloaded in various formats (Excel, csv, PDF).

The better you know your business the more informed your business decisions. As well as an invaluable aid to your finance team, the data held within the OCC can also help steer your business by enabling you to drill down to best performing locations or even down to which till is performing best in store.

Invoice Management

Year-end reporting also becomes a lot easier as all your Optomany invoices are in one place and immediately downloadable. As with the transactional reporting, there is no limit on the number invoices held.

Estate Management

The Estate Management System (EMS) within the OCC means you can manage the key features of your estate, regardless of channel, proactively and in real time.

Controlled Access

The OCC is designed around role-based access authentication methods, meaning access to the OCC is provided via a range of User Access Controls. This allows you to create an unlimited number of users with varied access tailored to your specific requirements. The login details entered will dictate what access the individual user is given and what information they can view. User access can also be further secured with the use of Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Full management information suite
  • Ever-improving functionality and look and feel
  • Enhanced analytical and management tools
  • Reports sent directly to your own specific mailing list and can be customised to suit your requirements
  • Enable multiple users with specific user privileges
  • Broad range of omnichannel estate management tools
  • 24/7 access to your data and invoices
  • Real-time access to current and historical business data, with no time limits
  • Assists reconciliation with the report builder reducing manual look up times for key data
  • Reports can be scheduled by you to be sent at times that best suit your business
  • Data can be exported in various formats – Excel, CSV, PDF