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The hospitality industry continues to be one of the most important, but also one of the most competitive, industries within the UK – and one where customer satisfaction is paramount.

Whether you own a single bar or a national chain of restaurants, happy customers are what all businesses strive to achieve. Plus, with the increase in popularity and number of review websites and social media channels, it has never been more important to ensure your customers’ experience is seamless from entrance to exit.

You spend your time and money ensuring your menus and venue are faultless and your staff fully trained, so why let your payment solution – your last interaction with your customers – let you down?

Here’s where we come in.

The axept® Hospitality Service

At the centre of Optomany’s hospitality offering sits the axept® hospitality service. This powerful tool allows you to create a bill and assign Bill References (typically used for table numbers). You can then update a bill, register a transaction, retrieve a list of bills and delete a bill driven directly by your EPoS.

When integrated, this service can be used with any payment device connected to the same network (such as smartphones, EPoS systems or tablets etc.) The solution is however most effective when used in conjunction with our axept® S900 terminal for a pay at table solution.

Introducing Pay at Table

No one likes to wait, especially when they have finished and are wanting to leave, and whilst we know few customers will rate you highly because of a great payment experience, they are far more likely to mark you down if it isn’t seamless.

Our Pay at Table solution works to improve your customers’ payment experience, save your servers time and turn tables faster.

With Pay at Table your terminal can retrieve a list of bills from the axept® hospitality service. This means that when a bill is created (via your EPoS system etc.) it can be retrieved on the terminal – so no rekeying is needed, reducing the risk of human error. Your servers can also print bills, take payment and print receipts directly from the terminal with just one visit to the table - helping them to turn tables faster and work more covers throughout their shift. Plus, the terminal can take multiple split payments quickly, add gratuities and update the bill to confirm it is complete, all without having to go back and forth from the EPoS.

Seamless Integration and Support

Our solution seamlessly integrates into many of the leading hospitality POS solutions in the UK. You will be supported from start to finish by our expert Integration and Customer Support Teams.
• Improves customer experience and satisfaction • Works out split bills quickly and easily • Reduces human error • Less time spent on reconciliation • Integrates easily with many of the leading hospitality POS solutions in the UK • Expert integration and customer support • Extensive online reporting via the Optomany Control Centre