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Optomany understands that the point of interaction with consumers offers the opportunity for retailers to deepen their relationship with customers and with our integration to Pennies we also provide the opportunity for everyone to raise money for great causes at no additional cost.

Optomany has integrated Pennies into its axept® platform, allowing retailers of any size using integrated or standalone payment solutions to offer Pennies to their customers.

The integrations allow for the simple addition of the donation functionality to any point of sale, automatically managing and reporting on the donations made, enabling quick and easy reconciliation and monitoring of you and your customers’ generosity. Depending on the anticipated level of annual donations you will be able to either nominate a charity of your choice or contribute to a range of well-known charities chosen by Optomany and the Pennies Foundation.

Engage your customers and add brand value

Pennies works with you and your chosen charity to share the impact of your customers’ small change and to say thank you, bringing them closer to your brand. Adding the digital charity box benefits your clients, and brings to life your own Corporate Social Responsibility policy by unlocking giving.

Engage and motivate staff

Bringing Pennies into your stores can motivate staff who can use their customer engagement skills to make a huge difference to charities across the UK.

Retailer demand is on the rise

Pennies already works with over 50 organisations in range of sectors including retail, hospitality, holiday and leisure. Now is the time to join the micro-donation movement.

Efficient and no cost

Once switched on, Pennies works quietly in the background and there are no ongoing costs to support. There is no physical collection tin required either.

No delays at the point of sale

The customer is presented with a one click option asking if they wish to donate on the card machine. It’s their choice, and even easier than dropping coins in a charity box.

Control and flexibility

You may choose the charity, and whether your customers donate via a round-up or top-up option. You can switch at any time, and it is always your customers’ choice to give.

Pennies is available on the following Optomany products.

Please contact us if you would to learn more about joining the digital giving revolution.