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Like many football clubs, Huddersfield Town views its retail operations as a major growth area, offering an opportunity to get closer to its fans and drive profits across on- and offline channels. That’s why the Yorkshire club recently worked with sports systems provider Retail & Sports Systems (R&SS) and payments partner Optomany to revamp its platforms. R&SS were formed in 2009 and now provide OmniChannel Retail Systems to 22 Football League Clubs.

The emphasis throughout was on improving visibility into operations, streamlining processes and enhancing the customer experience.

The results have already been outstanding.

Why omnichannel?

Omnichannel retail and payments are the glue that holds together modern retail systems. They offer the tantalising prospect of a unified shopping experience for the customer and new opportunities for sales managers to increase profits thanks to improved insight into consumer spending patterns. Huddersfield Town Retail Manager, Luke Cowan, wanted to do just this by reconciling all retail and online payments onto a single platform.

“We wanted to pinpoint our fans and get an understanding of each one right down to the size of the clothes they are buying,” he says. “Beforehand, once we had made a sale all that data was lost. We had no way in-store to capture the data and we couldn’t monitor customer behaviour or shopping trends.”

Down to business

R&SS was recommended to the club by Ticketmaster. After impressing with a demonstration, R&SS were chosen to provide an omnichannel retail system for Huddersfield Town with integration into the ticketing system provided by Ticketmaster . Payments were handled by Optomany, which ensured that everything from the tills in retail stores to the club’s e-commerce site was reconciled onto one centralised system.

Optomany’s axept payment platform is Europe’s first to be built from the ground-up with omnichannel at its heart. This has resulted in industry leading capabilities such as tokenisation, which can help retailers transform the shopping experience and streamline business processes by providing a single view of the customer across all channels. Highly granular control over estate and invoice management and reporting is offered by a single web-based Optomany Control Centre (OCC) portal.

What’s more, Optomany supports all the latest industry technologies and standards including contactless and smartphone-based payments. Tech-savvy UK consumers are increasingly demanding retailers offer them more choice to pay via their preferred method, so it’s vital that retailers respond accordingly.

Huddersfield Town saw the potential in the new platforms, so asked Optomany to turn on contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay for a February 2017 start date. These platforms typically allow for faster payments, which is a boon for football clubs on busy match days when long queues can lead to missed sales.

Fast and efficient

The results have been better than anyone could have imagined, starting from great customer service from R&SS via a dedicated helpline. Cowan and his team have also been impressed by the impact of contactless payments, claiming the customer adoption rate has been “massive”.

“Around 15-20% can go through contactless. This is fantastic for us. The process is 30 seconds to up to a minute quicker, which means we can process more people on match day,” he explains.

“In fact, we can serve around 30% quicker than our previous systems allowed.”

It’s not just the speed at which transactions are now being processed. The axept platform’s back-end reporting capabilities have helped Huddersfield Town get smarter about how it manages the retail environment.

“We can now consolidate branches when we look at sales reports and stock levels. The stock system is live so we can sell right up to the last item and not have to rely on the online system,” says Cowan.

The results speak for themselves. Since installing the new system, Huddersfield Town has seen 25% retail growth from the end of last season.

Since the initial installation Huddersfield have opened a new Terriers shop and a hospitality system has been installed by R&SS at the PPG Canalside Training Ground.

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