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At Optomany we’ve always tried to keep our customers front-and-centre of everything we do. That means investing time and money developing new solutions that help modern businesses address key challenges like PCI compliance, card security, omnichannel support and much more. In so doing we’ve built out a compelling platform of payment terminals which we’ll be demonstrating at Retail Expo in London this week.

There’ll be plenty of innovative providers on show, but we have the expertise and quality to match the best of them.

Focus on growth

It’s not easy being a retailer or hospitality business in 2019. The shadow of Brexit continues to loom large, with total UK retail sales growth reportedly dropping from 1.6% around a year ago to just 0.5% in February 2019. Even more telling, discretionary spend is said to be suffering a “considerable decline” as consumers tighten their belts. Yet there are still opportunities for those businesses prepared to grasp them, by transforming the payments experience.

According to Accenture, the young generation known as “Gen Z” is the first that will “forgo the leather wallet for the digital wallet”. Businesses can appeal to the changing habits of an increasingly tech-savvy customer base by ensuring their terminals support Apple Pay and Google Pay, and by integrating channels to create seamless shopping experiences. The former is a quick enough win, but the latter will take considerable time and effort. Yet it’s likely to pay of in the long run if you get it right: multiple reports indicate that omnichannel shoppers are more loyal and will spend more than regular consumers.

At the show

There will be few providers at Retail Expo who can genuinely support omnichannel like Optomany. That’s because, under the covers, they actually operate a mix of heterogeneous systems stitched together after multiple acquisitions. Optomany was built from the ground-up around tokenisation technology. This enables a single view of the customer for seamless refunds, one-click purchases and valuable spending insight which can be used to improve marketing and promotions.

But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Every bricks and mortar business also needs the right payment device for their needs. At Retail Expo we’ll be demoing our extensive range of terminals featuring support for PCI standard Point to Point Encryption (P2PEv2), which can save customers significant sums on PCI DSS compliance by encrypting cardholder data as soon as it is entered into the terminal.

Here’s a selection of what we’ll be showing off:

S900: innovative terminal for secure wireless payments.

S800: our latest standalone or semi-integrated card payment acceptance solution featuring maximum security and mobile, contactless, and Chip & PIN payments.

S300: the latest in integrated card payment technology. Easy to deploy and highly cost effective.

A920: our next-gen Android-based device due for release this year, with high-def display and elegant design.

E500 and E800: these fully integrated POS terminal solutions are a fantastic modern replacement for the old cash register.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Retail Expo, where we’ll be able to demonstrate the benefits of these and our other solutions in person.

What: Retail Expo
Where: Olympia, London
When: 1-2 May, 2019

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