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Seamless integration with axept® platform allows charity to support football club’s CSR efforts.

London, 17th January 2018 - Leading omnichannel payments provider Optomany is pleased to announce Fulham Football Club as its latest customer to drive omnichannel retail success alongside charitable donations in partnership with charity Pennies.

The club was keen to improve the customer experience and sales across its bricks and mortar and online retail stores, as well as find a way to cement its corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials.

Head of Retail and Licensing, Sean Davies, was looking for a payment provider with a robust, fast and secure platform to cope with busy periods on match days and provide a single view of each customer across channels.

Optomany’s axept® platform was the perfect fit, having already helped West Ham United increase takings to £200,000 in-store on peak days.

It’s fully PCI compliant and offers P2PE v2 support to secure card data from the point of interaction, meaning no hackers can get their hands on it.

The Optomany platform offers support for Apple Pay, Android Pay and contactless, ensuring queues move quickly to maximise takings especially during busy match days.

“We now have a single view of the customer, enabling us to personalise and improve the shopping experience across all our channels”, said Sean Davies, Head of Retail and Licensing at Fulham FC. “The result is happier shoppers and bigger profits.”

Optomany’s partnership with Pennies was another key factor for Fulham FC’s Davies. Pennies is a charity which offers a digital charity box solution which integrates with axept® to offer shoppers a simple opt-in of rounding up their purchase by a few pennies with a tap or click at the point of sale. There’s no pressure placed on the shopper and the message times out if ignored. No personal data is collected, and because it’s contactless-enabled, there’s no slowdown at the till. Not only was Fulham the first football club to enable the digital charity box, but it represents Pennies’ first simultaneous multichannel implementation –  online, in-store and in contactless. 

Pennies CEO, Alison Hutchinson CBE adds, “We’re delighted that Fulham FC chose to enable Pennies with Optomany and even more thrilled with the fans response which was immediate and growing.  We hope many more sporting clubs and retail outlets join in as it’s a great way for fans and customers to feel good about giving a little which adds up to making a significant difference for the club or retailer’s nominated charity/ies.”

About Optomany

Optomany specialises in omnichannel payment processing technology, delivering innovative, reliable and secure solutions to the retail sector across all channels. Accepting all major payment schemes and certified by all major UK acquirers, Optomany's solutions can operate as stand-alone payment systems and as an integrated part of retailers’ point of sale or e-commerce platforms. Part of the CR7 Services Group - one of the fastest growing payment solutions providers in Europe - Optomany offers a full range of solutions for cardholder present, cardholder not present and e-commerce environments, as well as a broad selection of value added services.

About Pennies

  • Pennies, the digital charity box, is now 7 years old - and is has supported an incredible 47M+ small change digital donations to date, and growing. Over half of these donations have been made in the last two years alone.
  • Currently someone in the UK donates using Pennies every 2.8 seconds.
  • In the last year, Pennies has launched two contactless solutions, developed a new API, and secured compatibility with Apple Pay.
  • Together with its partners, Pennies has unlocked £11M of extra income for over 300 UK registered charities.
  • Pennies is live in over 50 partners across the retail, hospitality, leisure and service sectors and operates in the UK and Northern Ireland. It is now also registered in the Republic of Ireland.
  • By the end of 2017, Pennies will be available in around 5,000 physical stores (not including where it is available online or in-app).

How Pennies works

  • The option to give appears automatically in the card payment process: on the Chip & PIN machine in-store, at the checkout online or via a smart device.
  • The retailer always nominates the charity that its customers can support. Pennies is entirely neutral.
  • 100% of Pennies customer donations go to charity – 90% to the retailers’ nominated charity/ies and 10% to Pennies – also a charity – to grow the micro-donating movement.

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