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Retail & Sports Systems (R&SS) is well-known to IT managers at some of the UK’s top sports clubs. Focusing on omnichannel retail and stock systems, it also incorporates a single, integrated payment platform designed to drive secure transactions and deliver valuable insight on customer spending patterns.

R&SS was looking for a payment specialist to help it in two key areas: support its omnichannel vision for clients and to reduce its PCI DSS compliance obligations. PCI DSS is the payment standard designed to improve the security of customer card data. Compliance can be a complex and lengthy process, but with hosted payment pages, a firm like R&SS can greatly reduce this burden while ensuring customer data is as secure as possible from hackers and accidental breaches.

The omnichannel difference

Optomany was the perfect fit for R&SS on both counts. Our platform significantly reduces the PCI scope for clients by ensuring no credit card data is stored on their systems. It also offers the opportunity to consolidate EPOS, call centre and e-commerce operations for retailers into a single omnichannel set-up.

Omnichannel saves organisations time and money on the payment processing side and improves business agility. But it also offers end customers a consistent payment experience across channels – making them more likely to return. And it generates valuable data, allowing merchants to further improve the customer experience.

The Optomany platform was developed from the ground-up with omnichannel at its heart. The Optomany Control Centre (OCC) allows retailers to access real-time management information, perform transaction searches and carry out admin across physical or virtual acceptance points. And tokenisation technology tracks individual payment cards across channels, allowing retailers to monitor spending habits and customer activity.

Integration with R&SS was straightforward and in 2015, the firm launched its first websites and retail shops with Optomany.

A winning combination

The results have been outstanding. Not only has the Optomany platform helped R&SS significantly reduce its PCI compliance burden, but it’s also accelerated omnichannel benefits for a growing number of big-name football and rugby clubs – and their fans.

“This has enabled us to tokenise credit card data and offer customers the ability to save the card for future purchases, as well allowing us to offer PayPal at the checkout,” says R&SS Director, Richard Waltham.

“We also get excellent support – a service that meets the demands we want. We can create contracts with Optomany that mirror the contracts we create with the sports clubs. This is important we fix the monthly payment for the duration of the contract.”

The partnership has gone from strength to strength, with new and migrated customers including Brentford, Barnsley, Blackburn, Fulham, West Ham United and Cardiff City football clubs and Ospreys, St Helens and Saracens rugby clubs.

The platform has already helped West Ham United accelerate its digital retail plans, helping increase Black Friday sales from 2015 to 2016 by over 40% and processing millions of pounds of orders in-store and online.

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