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Optomany is a relative newcomer to the payments space. But rather than hold us back, it actually gives the firm an advantage over legacy players who built their systems before the omnichannel revolution. It means our axept® platform was designed from the ground-up with omnichannel in mind, and we’re working all the time to discover and incorporate the latest technology innovations.

In fact, Optomany will have a major presence at this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) in London next month, where we’ll be talking to customers, showcasing our latest product enhancements and sharing our insight into where the industry is headed. Come and see us at stand H130.

A year of innovation

It’s been another standout year for Optomany, as more and more partners and customers join us to drive growth on the back of seamless omnichannel payments. Last year at RBTE we outlined our ground-breaking work with West Ham United which has seen the football club take millions in retail sales online and in-store thanks to the Optomany platform. We’ve since been working with several other clubs to achieve similar success. Fulham FC, Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City have all benefitted from fast, simple and secure payments and a single view of the customer across all channels. We’ve even been instrumental in supporting their CSR efforts through our partnership with digital charity box service, Pennies.

At Optomany, digital is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our axept® platform supports innovative mobile platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These have helped our football club customers drive sales on busy match days by ensuring speedy, seamless payments — but the truth is that they’re a must-have for any retailer today looking to meet the needs of an increasingly tech-savvy British consumer.

Looking ahead

We’ve already come a long way since last year’s RBTE. Our SME customers have grown to over 355,000 thanks partly to a partnership with industry giant Worldpay, which chose Optomany to implement UnionPay processing for the entire Worldpay SME estate. We were also nominated at the prestigious Card and Payment Awards in the Best Achievement in Retail Payments and Best Payment Industry Newcomer categories.

But what of the future? The good news is that the payments space is brimming with new ideas designed to get retailers closer to their customers. One area we’re paying a lot of attention to at the moment is in wearable payments and the Internet of Things (IoT). Mastercard research ahead of the Mobile World Congress show in February revealed that a quarter (24%) of Europeans expect to use “tap and go” payments via their smartwatch, bracelet, keyring or other wearable. These changing expectations are in part driven by the success of contactless, which has seen spend via Mastercard soar 145% over the past year, the card giant claimed.

Europe leads the world in contactless payments, and it could do the same with wearable and mobile payments. Retailers that want to differentiate on the quality of their service and minimise the queue drop-outs that can sometimes occur at busy times, would do well to consider faster, more user-friendly ways to pay going forward. Visa has already signed deals with several European banks to support contactless via wearables, so this is a trend worth keeping a close eye on.

To find out more, come down to London Olympia in early May to hear our COO, Ian Rutland, share his thoughts on the future of the industry in a panel discussion on payments innovation. The Optomany team will also be at the show with our partners to hear your stories and share how Optomany solutions could help overcome any retail payment challenges your company may have.

RBTE 2018 runs from 2-3 May, and here are the details of Ian’s panel discussion:

Where: RBTE, London Olympia

When: 2 May, 12.20-12.55

What: Panel Discussion — Payments Innovation
A review of the latest and greatest payment innovations
Which innovations appear to offer the greatest potential?
How to achieve executive sponsorship and board support?
When is the right time for adoption?  

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