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Leading Payment Acceptance Solution Provider Optomany Ltd has confirmed its commitment to the global PCI Point-to-Point Encryption standard (PCI P2PE v2) after more solutions were approved by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

The latest green light from the payments industry body mean there’s even more choice for Optomany customers looking for solutions which meet the highest security standards.

The PCI SSC approved the following as achieving P2PEv2:

  • The axept® S800 Countertop Terminal
  • The axept® S900 Wi-Fi
  • Worldline Xenteo Eco (partner)

Optomany has long supported P2PE, and achieved a global industry first when its first axept payment solution on PAX payment terminals was certified with version two of the standard.

We now continue to build on that global first by not only adding two new PAX devices but also the Wordline Xenteo Eco, which is an unattended device.

There are clear benefits for businesses to seeking out P2PEv2-certified solutions.

PCI DSS compliance places a huge financial and resource burden on merchants, especially SMEs.

However, P2PEv2 effectively descopes card data for the merchant, encrypting it from the moment a card enters a terminal until it reaches as secure location outside of the merchant’s environment.

This means if a hacker managed to intercept that data it would be rendered completely useless to them.

P2PE not only reduces the chances of a breach, but it reduces costly and time-consuming PCI requirements from more than 300 to less than 35.

In fact, The P2PE Self-Assessment Questionnaire includes only 26 PCI DSS requirements.

“Optomany is delighted to expand its range of P2PEv2-certified solutions, reaffirming our commitment to best-in-class data security,” says Marc White, Optomany’s Chief Information Security Officer.

“Our P2PEv2 approved axept range provides a powerful, flexible range of payment solutions for all stakeholders, simplifying and lowering what can be prohibitive PCI compliance costs, especially for smaller firms. As cybercriminals launch ever more determined and sophisticated raids on card data, we can offer peace of mind for our customers.”

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