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HeyMenu Ltd

HeyMenu is an online food ordering platform, enabling users to browse restaurant menus and read customer reviews then order and pay for a takeaway food delivery.
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HeyMenu uniquely differs from all other online providers because it offers an online food ordering platform that does not charge the restaurants a commission on the orders they receive, but simply charges a one off sign-up fee, followed by a fixed monthly subscription no matter how many orders they receive from the platform.

HeyMenu also offers consumers a much better experience, both online and using the mobile app with innovative new features including, secure online payment, increased restaurant and cuisine choice, trackable delivery from restaurant to door, split the bill functionality, book a table reservation service, and a loyalty scheme as well as offers, discounts and promotions.

Our purpose designed business model provides a fairer and far wider consumer access solution, with the corresponding uplift in revenues, whilst lowering their costs by up to 90% over existing commission based models.

Solutions and services:

  • TitanPOS Hospitality
  • Android, Apple, Microsoft App
  • Restaurant Portal
  • eCommerce Ordering platform
  • Electronic Point of Sale and Mobile Point of Sale
  • Customer Analytics
  • Mobile commerce
  • Secure Credit/Debit Card Payment
  • Bespoke Software Development

HeyMenu is the new disruptive entrant to the large and growing online takeaway restaurant sector and it’s different.

Currently UK based, but with international ambitions, HeyMenu’s mission is to re-build value for both the Takeaway Restaurants and Consumers, through a unique business model that defines, develops, and improves the customer journey, and overall experience and satisfaction, based on real needs, real services, and real understanding.

HeyMenu also differs in that, unlike other typical company structures, nearly all of the key people, service providers and resources are stakeholders in the business, which means that HeyMenu is able to keep its operational overhead down to an absolute minimum by using a profit share model. By exploiting the “stakeholders” expertise and resource, HeyMenu is able to deliver the most aggressive and attractive commercial terms to the Takeaway Restaurants currently available in the market.

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