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KCPOS (Kamarin Computers)

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KCPOS (Kamarin Computers)

For 30+ years, Kamarin Computers have developed robust solutions from multi-channel EPOS to stock management to finance. Designed to remove human error and automate processes, our solutions have helped businesses in many different industries and sectors thrive through utilizing technology.
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Kamarin Computers help businesses become more profitable through visibility of data, allowing more informed business decisions to be made, faster.

We develop and implement a range of solutions from sales and stock management to finance which are built around the core driver of data visibility and integration. Removing human error, automating key processes and providing concise reports immediately allow you to make more money.

From online ticketing, to admissions, gift shops, retail spaces, cafes, bars, restaurants, stock rooms, warehousing and more – Kamarin’s products and services can help streamline and automate your processes at every touch point, where your customers or staff are involved.

With 30+ years of experience, and many loyal customers, we can help your business achieve its goal.

Solutions and Services

  • Retail & Wholesale EPOS
  • Online Ticketing & Admissions
  • Stock & Warehouse Management
  • Accounting & Business Software
  • Ecommerce & 3rd Party Integration
Additional Information

KCPOS is used in many different industries, and Kamarin Computers have a reseller network that spans the entirety of the UK and Ireland. The product set has specialized features, specific for different industries, namely Visitor & Tourist Attractions, Farm Attractions & Diversified Farms, Caravan & Lodge Parks, Hospitality, Retail, Trade Counters and Wholesale & Distribution.

Customers include Beamish Museum, Lyons Holiday Parks, Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World, Wren Kitchens, The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ and the Eden Project to name but a few.

With great reference sites in many industries, 30+ years’ experience and a very robust and adaptable solution, we’re confident that KCPOS is the right product for you with the award-winning support from Kamarin Computers.

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