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Key IVR Limited

Key IVR Ltd provides a suite of bespoke payment solutions through great software and excellent customer service. Our PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 compliant services allow 24/7 automated payment processing, assists agents and collection teams with data protected processes and websites with secure online payment facilities.
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Key IVR Ltd, certified as PCI DSS v3.2, provide secure payment facilities to assist companies in the UK and internationally.

Telephone IVR Payment a service allowing customers to make payments without human interaction at their convenience ideal for when your offices are closed or need to free up staff time.

Call Centre DTMF Suppressant Service a service which will de-scope your Call Centre environment ensuring the payment data never reaches your systems, while your agents assists the customer through a payment. Outbound Messaging Platform delivers thousands of messages per day both by voice and SMS. Reminders and promotions can be delivered directly to your contacts with an optional real-time connections back to your office or payment IVR.

Web Payment Service, securing your website for taking payments significantly reducing your requirements under PCI DSS.

Solutions & Services

  • Self Service Payment IVR
  • Call Centre DTMF Suppressant Service
  • Outbound SMS & Voice Service
  • Web Payment Service
  • FarePay Taxi Payment Service
  • Click To Pay
  • Mobile

Key IVR Target Markets

  • Debt Management and Debt Collections
  • Call Centres
  • Customer Service Centres
  • Sales and Marketing Services
  • Parking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Retail
  • Universities
  • Housing And Tenancy
  • Case studies and References available on request

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