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Langley Business Systems (Retail)

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Langley Business Systems (Retail)

Langley Business Systems provide EPOS, Merchant Services, CCTV and Coffee Machines.  Our team operate across England and Wales and have a base of operations in the West Midlands. Langley Business Systems was founded in 1974, incorporating EM Services. Still family owned and improving year on year with our growing team of long term staff.
Phone: 0121 525 5566

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Our ethos is that your EPoS is more than just a till or a card machine, EPoS systems are your business management tool and we aim to help you keep your business current and relevant by providing you with the tools to manage your business, and the support to make this effortless. We want your business to succeed. If you grow, we grow; EPoS solutions are your invisible allies, get these fundamentals right, and allow the other elements of your business to shine.

Investing with LBS will ensure your behind-the-scenes essentials are taken care of, enabling your front-line services to wow your customers. These elements can make or break businesses, using an established Partner to deploy and support your EPOS is paramount. Whether you are looking to set up your own business or have a chain, we can help you.

Solutions and Services

  • ICRTouch Gold Partner
  • EPOS
  • CCTV
  • Coffee Machines
  • Sundries
Additional Information

“Since our new membership and loyalty card system was installed, the Association’s membership has increased by 100%, we have found the system to be very user-friendly and it has helped to speed up service.”
Iain Woolley - Old Halesonians Association

Cutting through the Jargon

Due to the increasing advancement in EPoS technology, our one on one demonstration will give you a clearer and more concise understanding of how the solutions fit your requirements, without confusing you with technical jargon.

You will also get the chance to discuss ICRTouch Software and EPoS Hardware in more detail with one of our Business Development Executives who will ensure that you are provided with the best solution for you, your staff and your business.

Matching Your Expectations

We endeavour to match your expectations by providing you with the information you need to prepare for your installation, whilst making you aware of every aspect of our installation and training process.

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