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TableTiger empowers any business to measure and manage their customers’ experience. TableTiger enables payment, bill splitting and tip calculation at the restaurant table. At the point of sale, the software flows to a customisable survey and the customers’ voices give management a powerful and actionable tool.
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Maximising customer experience is integral to business success. TableTiger is an innovative solution that enables businesses to listen to their customers and measure their experience at the point of sale. Customers view their bill on a smart payment device. They pay quickly without staff input, can split their bill, calculate a tip and generate loyalty rewards. After payment, TableTiger flows to a quick engaging customer survey (customisable by the business).

TableTiger delivers multiple benefits: in-depth knowledge of customers’ experience in real-time, empowering informed decision making; early identification and remedy of problems; expand marketing databases, incentivise teams, promote positive online reviews. The management dashboard displays results, which can be filtered by date, time and team. Groups can compare units and service recovery becomes a powerful tool.

Solutions and Services

  • Integration with EPOS
  • Pay-at-table solution
  • Bill split solution
  • Tip calculation
  • Customer recognition and loyalty rewards
  • Customer experience measurement
  • Net Promoter Score management
  • Real-time management dashboard
  • Service recovery solutions

Additional Information

TableTiger is the solution if YES is your answer:

  • Do you take payment from customers after delivering your service?
  • Do you want to hear every customers’ voice?
  • Would you prefer to identify problems before they become costs?
  • Would you like to regain control from online review sites?
  • Do you want to quickly recover the situation if something goes wrong?
As a restaurant, hotel, optician, beauty salon, veterinary surgeon or spa, your top priority should be to understand how your customers felt immediately after their experience with you. But until now this has been difficult, costly and time consuming.

TableTiger allows you to truly understand how your product and service is making your customers feel? Who are your most loved staff? Are your regulars happiest, or your first-timers? Are lunchtimes when your customers lose faith?

Wherever your business is in the world, you can now easily collect, analyse and take direct action on your customers’ sentiment via TableTiger and its simple dashboard. Your next big problem will be working out how you managed your business without TableTiger.

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