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Pennies is the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, designed to fit with consumers’ increasingly cashless lifestyles. With Optomany’s Pennies integration, your customers can give their small change a big purpose by donating a few pence to charity when paying by card. It’s as simple as a single press of a button or click of a mouse.

As cashless payments continue to increase, fewer consumers have loose change available for traditional, countertop charity boxes. Optomany has integrated to the Pennies Foundation to give your customers the chance to donate digitally with Pennies, by enabling electronic payments to be rounded up to the nearest pound, or a fixed amount added, to a variety of great causes.

Available, free of charge, on both our in-store and online solutions, the integration allows you to easily add the digital charity box to your products benefitting your clients and bringing to life your own CSR by unlocking giving. Businesses already using Pennies have seen up to 50% of customers using the service to give something back.

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