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Portable Solutions

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Portable Solutions

Whether you are a restauranteur looking to take payments at table, a retailer wanting the flexibility to serve customers throughout your store or a tradesman or delivery service out on the road, our portable payment terminals allow secure card payments to be made in any location.

Optomany’s axept® range of portable payment solutions has been designed to offer the maximum in flexibility and reliability so you can safely accept card payments anytime, anywhere and never miss a sale. Wherever your work takes you, or where your customers want to pay, our solutions ensure you get paid quickly and efficiently.

Optomany recognised that most portable or mobile solutions in the market place were limited in that they could only work with Wi-Fi or GPRS. Not only does this restrict solutions to specific location types, it also creates the opportunity for sales to be lost if the specific communication method becomes unavailable or downgraded. As a result Optomany has developed an innovative proposition that enables a single device to not only utilise multiple communication methods, but also switch seamlessly between them as conditions demand.

With a roaming SIM as standard, you can be assured of the best possible mobile coverage wherever you are across the country.

Powered by an easy to charge, long-life battery, or via a mains connected charging cradle, our portable payment terminals can be used in-store or on the move and with its sleek and rugged design it is as at home in high-end retail and hospitality as it is on the road.

Product Range

axept® S900