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Optomany Cures Right Medicine’s Integrated Payments Ills with Fast, Simple and Secure axept® Platform

Right Medicine is an award-winning Scottish pharmacy chain founded 17 years ago when business partners Jonathan Burton and Noel Wicks took over the campus pharmacy at the University of Stirling. From these humble beginnings, the business has grown to become a nationwide organisation, employing 180 staff at 23 branches across the country.

The challenge

Right Medicine invested in electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems for its stores, but found challenges associated with the card machines, which sat separate to the EPOS. When errors occurred they took time and money to fix, eating into staff productivity. Having external card terminals also degraded the customer experience by adding extra waiting time during payment processing.

Right Medicine desperately needed a more streamlined, integrated solution to keep customers happy, cut operational costs and stay competitive in challenging economic conditions for high street stores. Its EPOS provider, Vuterra 360, is an Optomany partner and recommended our axept® range of integrated terminals.

The best rates

Right Medicine were also looking for a total package of integrated card payments with merchant services and Optomany were able to assist them in reviewing the market looking for better deals. As Optomany are acquirer agnostic, and the axept solution is pre-certified with all major UK acquirers, Right Medicine were able to choose the acquiring partner that worked best for them with Optomany ensuring seamless service delivery during the transition.

This partnership approach enabled Right Medicine to save c. £50 per site per month, which equates to nearly £14,000 per year.

The axept® difference

Optomany’s axept® platform offers security, reliability and simplicity in equal measure. Our card terminals allow businesses to accept a wide range of payments including all the major card schemes, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay, and contactless. This helps to enhance the customer experience by allowing shoppers to pay via their preferred method.

Multiple integration options help merchants future-proof their EPOS investments and drive down total cost of ownership, whilst the terminal hardware is designed to cope with even the most demanding retail environments. What’s more, we’ve architected axept® to comply with the latest security standards: PCI-PTS 3.x and P2PE v2. The latter ensures card data is comprehensively encrypted from the point of interaction, rendering it useless to hackers in the event of a cyber-attack.

Fast, simple, secure

After trialling the new system at a couple of branches, it worked so well that it was rolled out to the entire estate, in 23 stores nationwide.

It has saved Right Medicine time and money resolving errors: in fact, seamless integration between terminal and EPOS has meant an end to operational issues such as incorrect inputs. Consolidation of till rolls has also simplified things for staff whilst saving costs, and processing of each payment is much faster — on average 1-2 minutes speedier than the previous siloed set-up. 

“It provides a huge time saving for us,” says Head of Group Operations, Richard Stephenson. “It’s a simple system to use and has removed all the complications associated with using two processes. Optomany has been very helpful answering any questions we have and brilliant at issue resolution. They just make life simple.”

Optomany’s axept® platform has improved the customer experience with fast, simple and secure payments offered via a variety of methods: smartphone, contactless, and Chip and PIN. That means happier shoppers who are more likely to return to Right Medicine: a win-win all round.


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