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Value Added Services

Optomany’s market leading omnichannel platform is about more than just payments. We recognise that the point of interaction with consumers offers the opportunity for retailers to deepen their relationship with customers and increase the return on their technology investment.

Just as Optomany has sought to simplify payment security and make true omnichannel payment processing a reality, so we have looked to develop a range of fully integrated value added services that you can deploy at all or some of your points of interaction.

Whether this is to generate new revenues, increase consumer choice, enable charitable giving or seek feedback on service, Optomany is committed to ongoing investment in the delivery of a growing range of services across all channels and solutions.

Read on to see how we are adding to the range of options available.


Pennies makes giving to charity easy and affordable. The invitation to donate by rounding up the payment to the nearest pound or by a fixed amount up to 99p is displayed when the customer inserts their card and requires just one click, with no staff involvement so it’s fast and completely confidential. The retailer can nominate the charity to be credited or select to offer Optomany’s chosen good causes.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion allows retailers to automatically offer their customers the opportunity to pay in their domestic currency. This provides the consumer with the comfort of knowing what the actual charge will be and offering you additional revenue from the currency exchange on the transaction.

Tax Free Shopping

Spending by visitors to the UK continues to grow at a significant pace and you can increase your share of tourist spend by allowing eligible customers to reclaim VAT on goods that are to be taken from within the EU. Optomany’s solution will offer automatic detection of a customer’s eligibility, reducing the training need of staff, increasing adoption rates and improving the customer experience.

Watch this space for future additions and updates.