Order Portal

It Does Exactly What You’d Expect It To

If you’re an existing partner and have already created your online account, you can log in to our Order Portal straightaway

Created To Help You Save Time

All of our existing and any new partners can use our new Order Portal to order payment terminals, select an acquirer and deliver devices to their merchants as simple and easy as possible.

Our portal is global and works anywhere in the world, meaning if your sales department is located abroad, you are still able to access the benefits of the portal and cater to your client’s needs.

Scroll down this page to learn more about the key features and benefits of the portal…

How It Works

Merchant Details

Enter your merchants details who you are ordering for


Order Details

Enter the specific details of the amount of terminals you require and choose the acquirer


Despatch Details

Enter the delivery date of when the terminals are needed by and the address they should be sent to

Placing an order

Once you are logged into our Order Portal, you will see a Place an Order button.

Using the simple and user-friendly interface, you will be taken through the relevant steps to place an order for your Merchant.

Our integrated system will then automatically screen the order and check that the details provided are correct and do some background checks on the Merchants business.

Choosing a device

Using our relationships we’ve built over the years, we’re able to provide a selection of payment terminals to our partners.

When asked to do so, you’re able to choose what type of payment device you require, whether it’s portable, mobile or android.

The portal will allow you to select the specific device you want, and the number of devices as well.

Once completed, the order will be processed and our warehouse will ready your order for delivery on your specified date.

Acquirer conditions

Did you know that we are certified by all major UK acquirers? That means that you can choose from the likes of Barclaycard Business, Elavon, First Data and Worldpay.

All you need to do is choose a specific tariff from the preferred acquirer, and we will do the rest with the installation phase.

Request Further Information

Our POS Order Portal has everything you need to serve merchants quickly and efficiently. So if you’re interested in benefiting from this, click the link below to get in touch

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